Excelsior! We all hope everyone had a great New Year’s holiday with their families. This month there was a lot of intriguing activities in the classroom. In science this month, we discussed the role of weather and its importance to the Earth and how it can affect changes in the environments. We made anenometers, instruments for measuring wind speed, using protractors, string, and table tennis balls. Students in groups assembled theirs in the classroom and compared group measurements of fan air speeds. The students never having seen frost naturally before were amazed to take part in and help make frost. They learned that if it is cold enough gas can turn directly into a solid, which is what frost is! They scraped the fingers amused by how it was formed and how cold it was. We ended off the month learning about types of rocks and how they are formed. We took turns examining and making our own predictions of which rocks were what type.

In social studies, the students learned about peoples’ suffrage and equality and how the right to vote for some people was hard won through protests, petitions, and peaceful disobedience. We discussed how engineers and inventors help by improving areas of life with technology and how our technology and inventiveness is constantly progressing. The students learned how to use sequencing combined with labels, pictures, and arrows to make their own flowcharts. The students mapped out what they do on a weekday morning as they get ready for school.

Our journal class this month only had a couple entries. The students were asked to write about an interesting invention they would like to create. They had a lot of great ideas. They had a lot of fun with a fill-in-the-blanks story. Together, the class created an introduction for a story and then individually they wrote the rest of the plot and the endings.

Our research this month has focused on the Spanish arrival to the Americas and their meeting with the Inca. The students were very interested in this clash of cultures. We had a couple of classes dedicated to the subject as it encompasses many concepts such as how environment, technology, and disease can affect the outcomes of history. We even read journal accounts of Spanish explorers during the battle at Cajamarca, where the Inca lost its leader for a short duration. We had a great month. Good job Level 6!