Greetings! We hope everyone has had a great New Year’s holiday. Some of you have had really long breaks! Due to the holiday we have only been able to cover three themes of this new semester. Week 1 was about being “Welcome” with greetings, and simple conversations such as names, ages, likes and dislikes, and feelings. We spent a lot of time reviewing by asking each other questions and receiving answers. We talked about friends and good and bad manners  inside and outside of the classroom. As a preview for the next week, the students learned about how people without eyesight can still read with their fingers. The students used tinfoil and pencils to make raised edges then their partner would try to read what was wrote without using their eyes.

In week 2, the students learned about their 5 senses and the body parts associated with the senses. Along with the senses they learned how to form proper sentences using verbs with those senses such as “It tastes sour” and “It feels smooth”. We did several activities during the week where the students would be challenged into using their senses. The students sampled small foods and connected the word with the flavor. Later, in the week the students used their taste vocabulary as they were identifying smells. The idea was that we have strong feelings and memories produced by smells. We smelled the different odors and recalled what we think or feel when we smelled that odor. The students reviewed the procedure for outing safety when the class goes outside. After reviewing the rules we took a short walk to the park discussing vocabulary we saw as we walked along. In the final role play of the week, the students learned about being blind and what happens when people can’t see. The students did a variety of activities with blinders on such as finding a metal coin amongst a bunch of plastic animals, finding objects on the floor, and even finding sources of sound and music.

Week 3 was about feelings and emotions. We wanted the students to understand that there are distinctions between them, that feelings are associated with our senses, and emotions are what the feelings mean, and that some people have different emotions than others. We brainstormed a lot of different feelings and emotions and acted them out. Our role play of the morning routine focused on what students do on a normal weekday morning. The goal was for them to understand sequencing of events and how they feel in the morning during their daily activities. Our science class of the week was sounds and feelings. The students were to understand the effect outside stimuli such as sounds and music can have on our emotions. We played with musical instruments and then observed our emotions when hearing different sounds and music. We had a lot of fun this month. Keep up the great work level 2A!

Students wrote and drew on aluminum foil and then used their fingers to feel the letters.

Students went outside to learn the outing rules.

Students wore the blinders and tried to feel the difference between two objects such as metal coins and plastic toy animals.

They even tried to find the mobile phone by listening to the music it played.