Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! February was a great month in class, and I hope that everyone also enjoyed their holiday.

Our themes this month have been a lot of fun. We first covered the theme of “Welcome.” This gave us an opportunity to review our classroom rules and procedures, and also to add a few new ones, such as the five finger test for choosing our reading passport books. We also took the chance to talk about independent problem solving and set some new ground rules for group work to make sure that all ideas are respected and that everyone is able to participate fully. We also talked about the five senses, which allowed us to use different senses than we usually do for certain tasks, such as finding things by smell or touch instead of by sight. In feelings and emotions, the students enjoyed the opportunity to act out different emotions and feelings for their classmates to guess.

We have worked hard in phonics this month as well, covering the long ‘e’ sound. The students have mastered all the spellings of the sound as well as the pronunciation, and are ready to read the phonics story to complete the unit.

The students have been working hard in their new sight words books. This semester, each week will have more words than previously, in some weeks as many as ten. I believe the students are ready for this challenge. They will also now be assessed on their ability to write sentences with each word. To make sure the students are able to do this, we will spend plenty of time each week practicing making sentences with all the words so that the students are very familiar with them.

February was a short month in our class, but it was also a great month. I am excited for the new semester, and also to welcome back those students who were on vacation. We have a lot of fun and a lot of work ahead of us in the coming months.