Greetings! We’ve had five themes since the last newsletter so let’s get rolling! Weeks 18 and 19 looked at occupations in our community, police and firefighters, and doctors and dentists. We then studied the roles of the supermarket, post office, and library, and how they assist people with different needed services. The last two weeks of the month, weeks 21 and 22, the students have been expanding their horizons by looking at the countries of America, Brazil, England, and France, their differing populations, languages, cities, sites, sports, and foods.

The students discussed the importance of having police and firefighters and how they assist people in the community. Police help solve problems and firefighters aid people and put out fires. The following week, the students learned the difference between doctors and dentists learning a large variety of vocabulary having to do with the human body, mouth, and the tools they use in their jobs. Our role plays that week were very exciting. The students learned that sometimes special doctors have to do surgery inside of the body. I prepared props of a person with the major organs. The students acted going inside the body to the organs to operate on them. The other role play that week focused on another very important occupation, the hairdresser. The students learned about hair styles, the tools of the trade, and the procedure of going to a hair salon.

Connecting with our macro theme of community, we took an in depth look at supermarkets, post offices, and libraries and how each serve a function for people in that people can buy food and supplies, send mail and parcels, and read and learn, respectively. We reviewed a lot of vocabulary, verbs, and phrasing in this theme. Our role play, the Supermarket, looked at the variety of things we can buy there. The students learned about how to read a shopping list and shop for supplies while managing their money.

We wrapped up the month by looking at four different countries on continents away from Asia. We first looked at the United States of America and Brazil. The students looked at the differing populations, and how the cities, languages, sports, and food are different. The students were most in awe of the natural landscapes of those countries. The last week of the month is away in Europe focusing on England and France. Those countries are old, and have had kings and queens, and interesting cuisines. The students learned about the English tradition of high tea and different teas from around the world. Finally, the students learned about European football or soccer. We had an action packed month. Excellent job 2A!

Students had a lot of fun during the hairdresser role play.

They practiced sentences while they using props to wash, cut, comb, and dry their classmates’ hair.

After learning the organs of human body, students became doctors performing surgery.

They gave the patient a shot, found the correct organ, and picked out the bad stuff on it just like real doctors!