January has been a very exciting month for Level 3A. Due to how independent the students have become in their work, these past few weeks have given us an opportunity to try more independent group work. The students have responded very well.

Our themes this month have been a lot of fun, and we have had the chance to learn about important public services and parts of our community as well as some foreign countries. In our Doctor and Dentist theme, the students learned how doctors have to make important decisions about the urgency of a patient’s condition and how quickly they need care. In supermarket and post office, the students actually had a chance to write each other letters and really go to the post office to send them. I was proud of all of them as they each took their turn asking the postal worker to sell them a stamp and help them mail their letter. The next two weeks were all about the world outside of Taiwan, covering countries as diverse and captivating as the United States, Brazil, England, and France. The students got to work in their groups to decide which sites they would visit and what they could do while they were visiting. In France week, we even got to try our hand at making some French cuisine. For their journals, the students wrote a travelogue of the places they visited.

In phonics class, we have finished our books and the students have done an impressive job of mastering an entire semester’s worth of blends. They are now proficient in all their blends and can read a wide variety of words. We have also had an opportunity to review all that we have learned. We are now ready to begin more complex blends of three or more letters next semester, as well as learn some diphthongs and their spelling.

The students have also mastered their sight words. We did a review exercise writing sentences using only the sight words that we learned this semester. From the variety of sentences they were able to create using just sight words, the students gained a new appreciation of just how many words they have mastered this semester.

Overall, this has been a wonderful semester for Level 3A, and the kids and I are thrilled to get to work on next semester.