Excelsior! Level 6 has a great month! The beginning of the month was a lot of reviewing our major subjects: language arts, science, and social studies. After the reviewing and studying the students wrote their semester final exams. I’m happy to say that all of the students did very well. Our reading stories this month focused on the fictional genre of fantasy. The students learned that they can use human or non-human characters in real or not real locations for their stories. They also learned that those stories display cause and effect and that changes the plot of the story. This was all shown in the story Chestnut Cove. It was a good preview of how to write their fantasy story.

In science this month we have been wrapping up our study on environments ending with healthy environments for people and what people can do to be healthy. We had a particularly odd experiment where we put pork meat and bone into Coca-Cola and left it for a week. The students learned the ingredients of the soda literally melted away the fat and dissolved some of the meat. This helped them learn the effects of soda’s on the body over time. We started a new textbook focusing on Earth science and water. In an experiment, the students learned how little freshwater there is in the world compared to salt water of the oceans putting into perspective how we should conserve our finite water supplies.

In social studies, we have begun to look at communities through the lens of history and time. Communities are not static things but are always changing along with the environment and people and that those things can quickly or slowly change the community. The students learned how to make a timeline and how to sequence historical events using time words. We then read some historical fiction about how after the American slave trade, freed slaves set up the community of Freedom. Finally, we discussed the many factors that make change in any community and how those can be natural or human-made.

In journal class this month the students brainstormed the scenario in which the world was very near to having no fresh water. The resulting stories were interesting ranging in topics from mass human and animal migration to inventing new technologies for extracting fresh water from the oceans. The fantasy stories were fun for the students to make and fun for me to read.

Research this month has been fun. Level 6 learned about the lost Inca writing system of Quipu. It is a system of strings and knots that would be able to relay information to the reader. The students made their own by tying together bits of colored string and making knots. They were very creative! We are all pleased with the students’ hard work and studying this month! Good job Level 6!