Level 8 wrapped up the semester with final exams, and the students’ outstanding performance on those tough tests showed us just how much we have learned this semester. I am so proud of what they have accomplished! In Science class, we discussed resources and their conservation as well as soil. I consider myself lucky to be the teacher of these responsible citizens of the future. They expressed a strong interest in conservation and a high degree of concern for the Earth and its environment. They are very aware of how their daily decisions affect the planet and its health, and it is just this awareness that the future needs desperately. We also talked about soil and soil health. The students were able to make a connection between the health of the soil and the food we eat, and were also able to use what they know to make an analysis of two different soil samples. In Social Studies, we have continued to learn about the American Revolution. We saw that war come to an end with the help of the French and the establishment of an independent United States of America. Soon we will be learning about the problems faced by the founders in creating a new nation and how they overcame those obstacles. The students also wrote letters to the French King from the perspective of Benjamin Franklin to try to convince the French to join the Revolutionary effort on behalf of the Americans, and their written responses showed perspicacity and insight. In Writing class, we have continued our work with persuasive writing by talking about rhetorical devices and their implementation in persuasive language. We have begun a speech-writing project which will last several weeks and will culminate in each student giving a persuasive speech using the rhetorical devices we are studying, which include rhetorical questions, amplification, alliteration, metonymy, and more. This has been a great semester for us, and I can’t wait to continue working with this excellent group of students next semester.