Hello Everyone, It’s a new year, and a time for renewed focus. The students have been doing great work in our classes. They are familiar with many of the skills necessary to succeed in elementary school. Now they are working hard to refine them as they learn new information. In Language Arts class, we have continued to explore the steps of the writing process while learning about how to write a specific type of story: a personal narrative. A personal narrative recounts a true event from one’s life. The students have followed each step of the writing process as they have created their personal narrative. Now they have real-life experience applying their knowledge. They are also encouraged to use each step of the writing process anytime we create a piece of writing. We have been studying how humans interact with their environment in Science class. This has shown students how people use air and water, and the effects that human actions have on our planet. Students now know about water and air pollution and the effects those have on living things. We will continue to use this knowledge as we begin our next subject in Research class: Endangered Species. Throughout the second half of the year, the students will learn about various endangered species. They will learn facts about the animals and the reasons why they are endangered. We have had a lot of time to review and practice our skills in reading class. This is very important as reading comprehension skills have a significant effect on how well people understand what they read. The students are becoming quite familiar with the skills we have learned so far, and they can use them well with different types of stories. At the end of January, we began using our second “Journeys” book. This book will introduce us to new stories and new skills while giving us more opportunities to practice what we learned before. In Journal class this month, we have been writing a lot of realistic fiction. We have imagined what we would do in certain situations, and thought about things we would like to do in the future. The students have been very active and engaged in our prewriting sessions for these topics, and they have produced quality writing. I hope you enjoy reading their work.