Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a fantastic Lunar New Year! Now we should all be rested, restored, and ready for more fun and learning in the classroom. Even though we had a nice holiday, February was still a month packed with important learning material. We have learned a lot of about how the Earth works and how it is changing. We also have practiced the essentials of writing and speaking so we can all express ourselves correctly.

In Language Arts class, we got back to grammar this month. We reviewed nouns and verbs, and studied how to use them in various sentences. We focused on subject-verb agreement, which is very important in English. Now we know how to form our verbs when using singular and plural nouns. We also practiced using pronouns and how to form our verbs with those. Subject-verb agreement is easy to understand, but difficult to begin actually using correctly .The students really benefitted from the exercises we did this month, and they will need to continue to use correct subject-verb agreement whenever they use English from here forward.

In Science, we have begun learning about weather and the sky. We have discussed the water cycle, and how water is constantly moving around us. We are even in the middle of a long-term experiment that shows how water is moving in our classroom. We are also reinforcing our knowledge of the weather by exploring how the weather changes throughout the year, the tools we use to measure weather, and the different types of clouds in the sky.

Jobs have been the focus of our Social Studies lessons this month. We have learned about many different kinds of jobs, what people do there, and why people have jobs. We have learned about how our economy works by exploring concepts such as goods, services, and scarcity. Students are now better able to understand the role that money has in our society and the choices people have to make regarding their spending.

In Journal class the students combined their knowledge of animals with their imaginations to write about what kind of animal skills they would like to have and what they would do with them. They also explored different moments in time by writing about what they think the future will be like, and what it would be like if we lost our ability to use modern technology. It has been a productive time, and we really enjoyed ourselves, too.