Firstly, Happy Lunar New Year, Parents and Students! I hope that everybody enjoyed their time off and feels refreshed and renewed after the Spring Festival holiday. What a wonderful way to end the month of February. Here is some of what we did in our class this month!

In Grammar, we focused on helping verbs, specifically ‘have’ and ‘has.’ We learned about the three main uses of helping verbs (experiences, changes, and continuing situations) and practiced using helping verbs correctly. This tense takes practice and exposure to get right, but we’ve had a great introduction. We learned a lot about each other during interviews that required this verb tense.

In Reading, we worked with the folktale ‘How the Chipmunk Got His Stripes.’ Folktales are similar to fables, we learned, but are told to explain aspects of nature (fictional, of course!)  This story got us ready for writing our own folktales in Journal class. I was truly impressed with everyone’s work on their folktales. The students’ narratives are really becoming more organized, and the stories certainly showed creativity and were fun to read.

In Science class, we have entered the unit ‘Patterns in the Sky.’ Most of February was spent learning about weather patterns. One great task students did was to compare two colored maps showing temperatures around the world in July and January and to discuss what the information means to someone who may want to travel. We also carried out a great experiment to see how much condensation formed on different kinds of cups of ice. The metal cup was so cold! It had the thickest and most condensation.

In Social Studies, we have learned about needs, wants, luxuries, and choices. Students were able to discuss how so many of their own belongings are luxuries. We’re so fortunate! We saw pictures of different families’ possessions around the world and were struck by how some families have many luxuries, and some families have only their most basic needs. I intend to bring the idea of needs and luxuries up in Research, where we have started learning about why, when, and how the Great Wall of China was constructed. How many luxuries do we think were provided to the common men who built the Wall?


Teacher Robyn