Hello everyone! This is Teacher Kat checking in with news from the month of February. I was sad to see some students leave our class, but excited to add a few new students to the class as well! I hope my new students will enjoy learning English with me in the following months!!!

The first week of February was very quiet with between 1 and 3 students over the week. We focused mainly on my expectations in the classroom, and the daily jobs for which students are responsible. We discussed how to treat our friends in class as well as during break, and my behavior management system marketplace (if you have any questions about it, I’m sure your children are able to explain it to you by now). I hope students are well aware of what I expect from them, and what consequences (positive or negative) they will receive from their behavior in class.

The following week our theme was about the 5 senses. We spent some time learning about what it was like to live without a sense. We spent some time learning about the differences between our senses, and for which activities we use them. We started working on our Songbird books, which was exciting. Some students find them simple, while other find them difficult. I hope with time we will feel better about these new materials. We discussed safety measures we should use when we go on outings, and we experienced what it’s like to be blind. The students really enjoyed tricking me when I was blindfolded after they had been blindfolded. In Science class we practiced using our sense of smell and tried to identify objects just by smelling them. Students found this more difficult than they first assumed. Also apparently none of the students enjoy the taste of Bleu cheese, who knew? When students were experiencing being deaf they learned a little bit about American Sign Language, and how to spell their names with their hands. They really enjoyed this.

The third week of class was split up by Chinese New Year. The theme, which was feelings and emotions, was carried through to the last week in February. We learned how to talk about our feelings, and the difference between physical feelings and emotions. We learned about what we should do every morning to get ready for the day in our roleplay, and discussed how certain sounds and music elicited certain emotions. The students find heavy metal music nothing but funny. Our last day we discussed how we should treat others. They learned that everyone has an invisible bucket in which we hold our good feelings. We talked about how to fill someone else’s bucket with good feelings, and we also talked about what it meant to dip into someone else’s bucket and try to take their good feelings (by making them feel bad). I hope students understood the meaning of this lesson in particular. If you would like to understand this, there is a video of someone reading a great story about it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wWMP8RJ_SA.

That sums up our month of February for students. I look forward to this upcoming month of March, and teaching my new students some English. Welcome to my classroom, and hold on, we are going to have a great time learning English!!!



Teacher Kat