Dear Parents,

During the first week we continued where we left off at the end of January by learning about two more countries, England and France.  We expanded on what we already learned by exploring the history between England, France and the United States.  The students did a wonderful job during role-play as they took on different roles in the Revolutionary War.  During our science lesson we explored history further by learning about the history of water.  We learned about aqueducts and the science behind why they function by doing an experiment using gravity and pressure.

The following week we had our welcome back to the second semester.  We reviewed and expanded on existing class rules and expectations as the students have grown in their English ability and their ability to function independently in the classroom.  Because, we are starting with a fresh semester we spent some time getting to know each other better by interviewing our classmates.  Further, we had a wonderful science lesson where the students made their own models of molecules. We then modeled how they break down before watching the same chemical reaction in real life.

After welcoming everyone back to class we returned to the theme of our five senses.  We expanded on what we already know by focusing on the verbs and adjectives associated with each sense.  Beyond this, we explored disorders associated with our five senses and how our other senses compensate when there is a disorder.  During role-play we took a deeper look into this idea as we practiced reading and writing without our sight.  The most exciting part of the week was certainly our science lesson.  Here we practiced using adjectives that we use to describe what we learn about the world around us from our senses.

Over the two week holiday period around Chinese New Year we covered the theme of feelings and emotions.  The students did a great job keeping up with the theme as we had a very long break between lessons.  We spent some time reviewing the sight words that we have covered so far.  The students did a great job thinking about and experimenting with how their body uses their senses to give them feelings.  During role-play we explored our emotions.  We discussed how we talk about them, why and when we have them and what are good ways to deal with the emotions we have.

This was a short month with many holidays.  Many of our students went off on holiday adventures.  We hope you all had a wonderful time and we can’t wait for you to share about the experiences you had.  It is great to have everyone back and to get back into the swing of class!


Teacher Krystal