Dear parents,

February was a relatively quiet month with many students on holidays but in school it was a very good opportunity to go back to basics as we started the month with a Welcome theme. In this theme we spent a lot of time going back over the duties and responsibilities of the students, rules in the classroom and what is expected from each student. Students did well here and we introduced some new concepts and ideas into the classroom.

One particular new change for the students was the introduction of the Songbirds books for reading time. Students loved receiving their new sets of books and did very well settling into this new reading routine.  One particular new change has been the voice volume scale in class. Students now have a scale from 0-4 in class to be used at all times but particularly when reading. As students being too quiet in class is more of a problem that students being too loud we have used this in class while reading and talking aloud in front of the class to ensure students are projecting their voice as much as possible so others can hear them clearly. This is a work in progress but so far students are doing well, it is helping their confidence with reading and is a good public speaking skill to practice from a young age. Along with better voice projection these new reading books are also helping students understand the comprehension side of reading and not just the actual reading of the words which will be important for later assessments.

Throughout February we have studied themes such as 5 Senses, and Feelings and Emotions. 5 Senses was a particular favorite with the students as they learned more about each of their senses but also what it would be like to live without one of their senses. For this theme they practiced being “blind” to understand how difficult this would be. Feelings and Emotions was another very useful theme for students as they learned how to better deal with certain emotions them might experience especially in class and during play.

Students are progressing well with both phonics and writing classes and they are gradually completing more challenging material in both of these subjects.

I look forward to the month of March and teaching the fun and interesting themes and lessons that are coming up!


Teacher Labhaoise