Hello everyone! This is Teacher Kat, checking in with your monthly newsletter! I hope everyone is well rested after February. I think we all needed a break to rest after all of the assessments given in January. I hope everyone had fun and spent some time with family over these days of break.

We did not have any students here the first week of February! The second week I had a lone student who, though he was alone, rose to every challenge I presented to him. We did some intense work with adjectives, specifically tailored to a subject both he and I enjoy. This week we also focused on sense of smell and the sense of taste. He learned how to add appropriate adjectives to sentences already created for him. In science we learned about soil, dirt, and rocks before creating some delicious edible dirt, made of layers of bedrock, subsoil, and topsoil. We returned to our favorite subject for reading, and read an age appropriate story, before writing our own version of this story. In research class we explored the International Space Station, discovered what it was like to live there, and discussed whether we would like to live on the ISS. We also began work on our own version of a space station to add to our mobile. In Social Studies we discussed the benefits of saving up money and determined what our options are at the store with a set amount of money. This will definitely be handy in the future when handling our own real money.

The next week was broken up between the last two weeks of February due to Chinese New Year. We did some more intensive work with adjectives in Grammar class, before learning about weathering and erosion in science class. For reading we returned to our age appropriate story and continued writing our version of this story. In Social Studies we learned how to use a dictionary, as well as what the difference between credited and un-credited online reference sites. We even took some time understanding what exactly search engines like Google can do for us. We spent some times working on our space station in research class.

I look forward to the month of March, and everything we will learn. I hope students are just as excited! Welcome back to school, and get ready to learn!!!


Teacher Kat